Darwinex – The Open Trader Exchange

Darwinex is a UK-based social trading broker and asset manager. Its trading platform has a tool that dissects a trader’s strategy and rates it according to its risk, scalability, performance, experience. This allows other investors to view the risks involved with a particular trading strategy unlike other forex copy trading systems. The company is regulated by the FCA in the UK.

The DARWIN Exchange (Darwinex) lists trading strategies as tradable financial assets, because publicly finding a fair price for traders’ intellectual property is in everyone’s interest.

Asset Trading

  • Forex: ForexTime gives you acces to trade over 40 currency pairs to the forex market 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  • Metals: Trade precious metals (Gold, Silver, Palladium and Platinum, ) XAUUSD, XAGUSD XPDUSD and XPTUSD.
  • Commodities: Trade commodities (Crude and Natural Gas) XNGUSD and XTIUSD.
  • Indices: Trade main Indices AUS200, FCHI40, GDAXI, J225, NDX, SPA35, SPX500, STOXX50E, UK100 and WS30.

The DARWIN Asset

Proprietary technology transforms each trading strategy into a tradable financial asset (a DARWIN) managed by our FCA (UK) Regulated Asset Manager:

  • A DARWIN’s live trades are kept private to protect traders’ intellectual property.
  • DARWINs replicate only a trader’s timing, while Darwinex manages the risk – delivering investors a monthly Value-at-Risk target of 10%.
  • DARWIN prices quote return since inception, indexed to 100 base. (e.g. If a DARWIN’s Return is 25%, its Quote is 125.00)


Analytical Toolkit

  • Proprietary algorithms distil traders’ track records into 12 Key Investment Attributes that form every DARWIN asset’s DNA.
  • 200 additional attributes for each DARWIN (and its underlying strategy) are available to DARWIN portfolio managers.
  • Use any combination of the above, to design customized selection filters, robust investment strategies and diversified DARWIN portfolios.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Darwinex making deposits and withdrawals is simple and straight forward and hardly takes up any of your time. ForexTime are constantly striving to offer you even more deposit and withdrawal options and to make the process even easier.

Darwinex accepts payment methods: Bankwire and Credit Cards


Tradeslide Trading Tech Limited (Darwinex) is regulated by FCA under license number 586466. Investor funds are safely deposited in separate accounts from the company’s own funds and always with top-tier EU banks.

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